Song of the Dove 

Illustrations by Sonia Kretschmar

Walker Books Australia

Listed in the 4th CJ Picture Book Awards Top 100 international picture books.




Errol has written many books for children. Here is a list of them.

Wrinkles, illustrations Terry Dyer, Collins 1978.

A Year of Pink Pieces, illustrations Lee Smith, Bacon (packaged Buttercup)1987

The Smallest Koala, illustrations Gwen Mason, Buttercup 1988.

Co-editor Society of Women Writers Victoria anthologies Equal to the Occasion, Cole Publications 1985; Women by Themselves, 1988.

Dear Mr Sprouts, Allen & Unwin 1991, Alfred A.Knopf New York 1993, Random House New York 1994, re-issued Allen & Unwin 2006.

Garry Keeble’s Kitchen, illustrations Maya, Random House 1992.  

Whose Knees? Macmillan Education 1993.

Sucked In, Pye Andersen 1993.

Tangles, illustrations Ann James, Allen & Unwin 1993, Alfred A.Knopf New York 1994, Random House NY 1995, Trumpet Club NY Special Edition 1996.

Rockhopper, illustrations Ann James, Allen & Unwin 1994.

Il saltarocce, Fabri Editori, Milano 2002

Nightwatch, illustrations Helen Brooshooft, Fremantle Arts Centre Press 1995.

Splashback - a great greasy journey, illustrations Gregory Rogers, Allen & Unwin 1996.

Fly With Me, illustrations Jane Walker, FACP 1996.

Pets series of 8 Birds;Cats;Dogs;Fish;Horses and Ponies;Mice and Guinea Pigs;Rabbits;Turtles,Snakes and Lizards, Macmillan Education 1996.  

What a Goat! illustrations Sharon Thompson, FACP 1997; Annick Press, N.America 2004

Quicksilver, illustrations Anna Pignataro, Allen & Unwin 1997.

Tough Luck, illustrations Sharon Thompson, FACP 1998.

as Drusilla the Lucky Duck, Annick Press, N.America 2003

Magnus maybe, illustrations Ann James, Allen & Unwin 1998; Simon and Schuster Aladdin Paperbacks NY,2002; Magnus il grande (forse),Fabri Editori, Milano 2001

Missing Mem, illustrations Ann James, Allen & Unwin 2000; Cernando Mem, Fabri Editori, Milano 2003

Away with the Birds, illustrations Owen Bell, FACP 2000.

Cry of the Karri, Allen & Unwin 2001; De kreet van de Karri, Averbode Belgium 2003  

Some Dog! Illustrations Craig Smith, Nelson 2001.

Ms Yellow Teeth, illustrations Stephen Axelsen, Thomson Nelson 2003.

Gracie and the Emperor, Allen & Unwin 2003.

The Judas Donkey, illustrations Sharon Thompson, FACP 2003.

My Grandad Knew Phar Lap, illustrations Brian Harrison- Lever, Fremantle Press 2006.

Song of the Dove, illustrations Sonia Kretschmar, Walker Books Australia 2011 


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